Quick Release Coupling

Sachiya Steel International is a trusted name in the industry for manufacturing and exporting Quick Release Coupling. The offered coupling is used in various industries including aeronautics and auto-mobiles. It is robust, resistant to high pressure, non corrosive and dimensionally accurate. This coupling ensures hassle free operations of the air assisted sprayers and prevents leakage of fluids.

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quick release hose couplings at times improve the efficiency of the application due to their custom design and compact size. The design of Pressure Washer Quick Release Coupling is such that the male end fits into the female socket that creates a secure and leak proof seal. high pressure quick release coupling is used for hydraulic wrench, emergency cutting tools, construction equipment, and industrial machinery.  Quick Couplings are used in machinery that displays high pressure and vibration. Quick Disconnect Coupling that is designed to work under high pressure has a flat face design with a patented locking sleeve. Qrc needs to be connected between the locking pin and the release notch. Push Pull Couplings are made up of plastic or metal and are said to be light in weight. They can be produced in disposable material for cleanliness and hygiene purposes.

Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling is found in air, water, steam, and vacuum distribution system. The disconnection of lines leads to a rapid loss of fluid and hence they are connected with Qdc Coupling to prevent the rapid loss during disconnection. Stucchi Italy Quick Release Coupling is used to speed up the work and reduce cost. Din Couplings have made it easy to connect electrical equipment for operation.  Holmbury Uk Couplings are well known to increase the output and reduce the downtime of the application. Nitto Interchangeable Series Qrc has eliminated the need for valves and screws in the pneumatic and hydraulic system. Female X Female Qrc is known to prevent the loss of expensive hydraulic fluid.

What Is Quick Release Coupling ?

The fitting design is simple and easy to install, example a male end inserts into a female end to make a secure and leak-tight sealing. They are being called as push-in connect because the connection requires a quick push only. The fitting is manufactured according to different standard including ISO 7241-A, ISO 7241-B, Gromelle 6000, Hansen W6000, Parker 60, which are subjected to different industry applications. Couplings are designed to change the connections without the use of tools or special devices. Quick Release Coupling is one such coupling that eliminates the need to close valves or bleed the system. quick release coupling manufacturers in India manufacture these couplings for various industries as they are high in demand due to their resistance to general corrosion. Quick Release Hose Couplings For Water offer leak-free performance with lightweight construction. quick release coupling for air has a pressure rating of 200 psi. Quick Release Connectors have a quick disconnect facility. Quick Release Hose Connectors are used to connect fluid lines to equipment that requires repeat connections and disconnections.

How does a quick connect fitting work?

ISO 7241-A standard is versatile for use in hydraulic application for equipment maintenance or operation system. The fitting design is either a poppet valve or ball closing system. The poppet valve and a metal perch are used to maintain valve alignment and prevent flow duplication. Coupler sleeve and nipple body are hardened to be damage resistant and the standard end configurations include female pipe and straight thread of NPT or BSPP.

ISO 7241-B or Parker 60 standard are poppet valves along with a metal to metal valve stop maintains valve alignment. It used to prevent flow duplication. The standard end configuration is female pipe thread of NPT or BSPP. It is generally for applications with lower life cycle and no severe cyclic pressure fluctuations, essentially applied in steady pressure during an operating cycle. The common applications include mine roof support system, hydraulic jacks and high pressure fluid transfer.

  Quick Disconnect Coupling Advantage

– Designed to withstand high-pressure peaks and pulse – When connected the male and female halves can rotate, even under pressure, thus avoiding any torsional stress in the flexible hose – Positive, quick connection ensured by the snap together locking ball system – Poppet valve seals have shockproof protective edge – Poppet valves have balanced springs and calibrated oil flow passages to minimize the pressure drop