ISMB Weight Chart And ISMC Weight Chart

MS Channels or commonly known as C Channel, because of their C like shape is represented by its Web height & Flange width of the channel. MS Channel primarily carries horizontal gravitational forces and is used for bus body, EOT cranes and many more engineering industry needs. Sachiya Steel International suppliers as top supplier for building material, stock all sizes/ weights of channel from companies like SAIL, RINL and other prestigious manufacturers of mild steel channel.

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How to calculate the weight of the mild steel channel?

Mild Steel channel are U- shaped structure made of steel defined by dimension of its sides and thickness. Mild steel channel have two parts flange and web base and horizontal part of it is known as flange and top vertical part of it is known as web. It has unequal sides for example 100×50×5 mm, both the sides’ web and flange of Mild Steel channel are 100 and 50 mm and their thickness is of 5 mm.

Mild Steel Channel Weight in kg per Meter

MS Web Volume – MS Channel Size = 100×50×5 mm – Web Depth = 100 mm =0.1m – Web Thickness = 5 mm=0.005 m – Web Length = 1 m – Volume = l×b×h – Volume = 0.1×0.005×1 m3 – Web Volume = 0.0005 m3

MS Channels are mainly used in the construction of trucks, trolleys, cranes, ships, containers, bridges, parking lots, etc. Its extensive use in several constructions makes it an integral part of the structure. Knowing its importance as mild steel channel suppliers, we make sure that all of our products are built to give strength, support, and durability to the construction. Sachiya Steel International is one of the well-known mild steel channel suppliers in India.

MS channel size

We know that MS channel consist of flange and web, it comes in several sizes ranging between 75×40×4.8 mm to 400× 100× 8.8 mm. Weight of MS channel is calculated in Kg per meter or in Kg per feet. Clearly higher dimension will have higher weighted value and lower dimension have lower weight value. For example MS channel having dimension 100×50×5 mm

MS Channel prices vary according to its sizes. We offer them in all standard sizes and shapes. One can trust us with quality as the offered channels are manufactured under the keen supervision of highly-skilled professionals and produced using high-grade materials. We also provide mild steel channels according to the customer’s requirements.

Mild Steel Channel Unit Weight

Unit weight of MS channel calculated by formula weight = volume × density & density of steel is 7850 Kg/m3 and volume is calculated by multiplying web height × flange width × thickness.

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MS channel Total volume

– Total volume = volume of flange+ volume of web – Total volume = 0.000450 +0.0005 m3 – Total volume =0.000950m3 – 4) Weight of MS channel – Weight = volume× density – Volume = 0.000950 m3 – Density of steel = 7850 kg/m3 – Weight = 0.000950m3×7850 kg/m3 – Weight of MS channel = 7.45 kg/m – Ans: MS channel unit weight will be 7.45 kg